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The History of Men's Tennis - The History of Men's Tennis


130 pages of the most interesting statistics! Statistical summary of the years 1980-2010:

who won the most tournaments?

who had the longest winning streak?

which players won their first titles?

who won the longest final?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, considering particular seasons, you should check Stats! You will find they are more than what you expect!
I have also included here the most interesting statistics of the Open era (1968-2010) like:

longest matches

double bagels

aces, etc.

I have to admit I have been mainly concentrated on singles but there are doubles stats included as well!

300 pages of comprehensive summary of the last 43 years in men’s tennis,  depicted in 1227 Stories! Month by month, year by year… You will find there the descriptions of:

all major finals

all Davis Cup finals

all changes at the top of the ATP ranking

all the most dramatic and perverse matches

all the most important records

all the most intriguing “head to heads”

all the most important changes in tennis rules

the first and last matches of the most notable players in the Open era… and many more!

I did not restrict myself only to the main level, I have analyzed and inserted in my book also juniors, seniors and exhibition events, qualifying tournaments at all levels, Challengers, Satellites and Futures!

Top Ten Number of Stories in Which Your Favourite Players are Included:

Pete Sampras (106)

Ivan Lendl (101)

Jimmy Connors (95)

Bjorn Borg, Roger Federer (91)

John McEnroe (90)

Andre Agassi (83)

Stefan Edberg (73)

Boris Becker (71)

Rafael Nadal (53)

Mats Wilander (49)


Almost 4000 pages (yes! 4 thousand – I’m right) of singles Scorelines of years 1980-2010, approximately 150 thousands scores (!!!), divided into three parts:

Someone would say: “Ok, I can go to the official ATP or ITF website to find these scores”, but in my compilation you will find things which are unavailable elsewhere:

Almost 4000 Pages of Singles Scorelines Divided into III Parts…

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The History of Men’s Tennis:
Stats Stories Scorelines

43 Full Seasons on Men’s Tennis

658 Players in 1227 Fascinating Stories

More than 4000 Pages

Approximately 150.000 Scores

Information Available Nowhere Else


Paraphrasing the title of Woody Allen’s movie…

Everything you always wanted to know about the tennis Open era (but were afraid to ask)… Here is the Big 3S: “my world” of the history of men’s tennis (1968-2010).

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